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Easy yet powerful movie maker – better than iMovie but for Windows. It”s Movavi Video Editor — a must-have program for editing video in Windows. Make stunning slideshows in clicks with photos, video, music and voice over. Enhance your video with professional tools & 300+ built-in FREE elements.

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 8/7/Vista & macOS 10.7 or later

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Why You Need An iMovie Alternative for Windows?

iMovie is the free video editor application for macOS and iOS. It”s created by Apple and used only in its own operating system macOS and iOS. Apple hasn”t released any Windows version of iMovie and it has not announced any scheduled plan to develop iMovie for PC. Actually, Apple won”t earn money by selling iMovie for Windows. Instead, iMovie is currently and will only be a Mac/iOS exclusive video editing application. This is one of Apple”s strategies to attract more people to buy and use their machines.

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So what”s the best iMovie alternative to edit videos on a PC? Our recommendation is Movavi Video Editor. Why? Read on…

Y iMovie News 1. Latest version: 10.2.3 for macOS 2. Official Release Date: Mar 4, 2021 3. What”s New: 1) Fixed issues that could occur when importing projects from iMovie for iOS. 2) Adds share option for YouTube & Facebook. 3) Includes stability and reliability improvements. 4) Improved stability when updating libraries created with earlier iMovie on Mojave. 5) Improved performance and efficiency on Mac computers with Apple silicon. 6) more … V

Powerful Video Editing Features Similar to iMovie

Every regular video editing tool is provided in this iMovie alternative for Windows, as well as professional tools like Green/Split Screen, Pan/Zoom, Animation, PiP……

Organize your video, audio and titles in tracks of the powerful Timeline. Enhance your video with professional tools like Stabilization, Pan/Zoom, Brightness/Contrast, Chroma Key, Color Balance, and more. Includes an array of free elements such as 48 free titles, 100+ filters, 100+ dazzling transitions, 100+ stickers, royalty-free music, backgrounds, etc.

Make Awesome Slideshows from Preset Themes

Put your photos, videos and music together into a stunning slideshow that will amaze everyone, using free slideshow themes or not.

Every filmmaker will love Movavi”s built-in free background music and images. You”re also able to import your own music files without limits like in iMovie. Share slideshow online or continue editing in the advanced editing mode.


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Your Movies, Your Ways to Share without Effort

You”ll see all possible sharing ways in this movie making software.

Save video to your Windows PC in any format you want for playing anywhere. Upload to YouTube, Facebook and your website without leaving the program.


Special Demands on iMovie-like Video Editing Software

Keep in mind that this is NOT an official iMovie for Windows version made by Apple Inc. It”s a universal video editing software for PC, with which you can edit videos on your new or old Windows computer. Below are the FAQs that many visitors have asked in the comments whether there are specific features in Movavi Video Editor – the best iMovie for PC alternative in our opinion.

Is there movie trailer templates, flight map template? — No. Is it free? — It”s free to try for 7 days (fully functional but outputs with watermark). When expires, you can decide to buy and activate it or uninstall it completely from your computer.


Frequently Asked Questions about iMovie for Windows

Can you get iMovie on a Windows PC?

No. There isn”t an official version of iMovie released by Apple developers. iMovie can only runs on macOS, iOS and iPadOS. Don”t try to install ANY “iMovie setup file” for Windows. Your Windows PC might be infected by a virus if you do so. To edit video on a Windows PC, try Movavi Video Editor or any iMovie alternative for Windows.

What”s similar to iMovie for Windows?

Movavi Video Editor for PC is one of the best iMovie alternatives you could find on the video editing software market. Apart from the ease and simplicity of basic video editing, this iMovie for Windows substitute provides you almost any video editing features you need to create awesome video for social media or product marketing. Sometimes, you might not find the direct equivalent feature of iMovie, there is always a workaround to suit your needs. Just get it for free try now.

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Is iMovie a good video editor?

Definitely. There is almost no learning curve to start using iMovie on Apple”s platforms. Even a kid without any video editing experience could use iMovie and create amazing video production. That”s why people search for “iMovie for Windows” even though they have switched to the Microsoft Windows operating system. If you want iMovie natively to work in Windows, you”re suggested sending a feature request to Apple via this online form.

How do I download iMovie app on Android?

Forget it. iMovie also doesn”t support Google”s Android. Similar to iMovie alternative for PC, you could also find lots of iMovie for Android alternatives.

Does iMovie cost money?

No. iMovie is ABSOLUTELY free to use. Just go to macOS/iOS/iPadOS”s App Store to download iMovie if it doesn”t appear on your device.

Watch Movie Making Software Video Demo

Is This An Ideal iMovie Substitute for Windows? Share Your Opinions!

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