VỊ TRÍ CỦA GIỚI TỪ TRONG MỆNH ĐỀ QUAN HỆ? Relative clause bài tập?


There are often prepositions in relative clauses, and a relative pronoun is the object of that preposition. In everyday English, the preposition is normally placed at the end of the relative clause and the pronoun may be included or omitted. In formal English, the preposition is placed before the relative pronoun, and in this case the pronoun cannot be omitted. In the examples below, the pronouns in parentheses can be omitted.



Everyday English Formal English
Is that the man (who) she arrived with? Is that the man with whom she arrived?
Does he know the girl (that) John is talking to? Does he know the girl to whom John is talking?
The person (who) he is negotiating with is the Chairman of a large company. The person with whom he is negotiating is the Chairman of a large company.
It is a club (which) many important people belong to. It is a club to which many important people belong.
He liked the people (that) he lived with. He liked the people with whom he lived.
The tree (that) they had their picnic under was the largest and oldest in the park. The tree under which they had their picnic was the largest and oldest in the park.
It was the river (that) the children preferred to swim in. It was the river in which the children preferred to swim.
The jungle (that) the tribe lived in was full of strange and unusual animals. The jungle in which the tribe lived was full of strange and unusual animals.
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Relative clause bài tập

Bài tập về mệnh đề quan hệ có đáp án

Fill in the blanks with WHO, WHICH or THAT:

1. The men _______ lives next-door are English.

2. The dictionary _______ you gave me is very good.

3. Do you know the girls _______ are standing outside the church?

4. The police are looking for the thieve _______ got into my house last night.

5. The chocolate _______ you like comes from the United States.

6. I have lost the necklace _______ my mother gave me on my birthday.

7. A burglar is someone _______ breaks into a house and steals things.

8. Buses _______ go to the airport run every half hour.

9. I can’t find the key _______ opens this door.

10. I gave you a book _______ had many pictures.

11. I don’t like the boy _______ Sue is going out with.

12. Did you see the beautiful dress _______ she wore yesterday.

13. The man _______ she is going to marry is very rich.

14. This is the bank _______ was robbed yesterday.

15. He wore a mask _______ made him look like Mickey Mouse.

II. Fill in the blanks with WHO, WHICH or WHOSE:

1. He arrived with a friend ______ waited outside in the car.

2. The man ______ mobile was ringing did not know what to do.

3. The car ______ the robbers escaped in was a BMW.

4. The woman ______ daughter was crying tried to calm her down.

5. The postman ______ works in the village is very old.

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6. The family ______ car was stolen last week is the Smiths.

7. The cowboy ______ is wearing a red shirt looks very funny.

8. A bus is a big car ______ carries lots of people.

9. The volunteers, ______ enthusiasm was obvious, finished the work quickly.

10. Children ______ like music are often good at mathematics.

11. The engineers ______ designed the building received an award.

12. The girl ______ recited the poem is my niece.

13. The townspeople, ______ pride in their community is well- known, raised enough money to build a new town hall.

14. The Pacific Ocean, ______ might have been crossed by raft during the Stone Age, is the world’s largest ocean.

15. The newspaper to ______ we subscribe is delivered regularly.

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