(to) learn through rote memorization là gì? Learn by rote là gì?

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(to) learn through rote memorization

học thông qua cách học thuộc lòng

learn by rote

Traditional teaching methods of Japanese teachers require students to learn through rote memorization - Kan Suzuki said

Các phương pháp giảng dạy truyền thống của các giáo viên người Nhật là yêu cầu học sinh phải học thuộc lòng - Theo lời cựu bộ trưởng Kan Suzuki

Learn by rote là gì?

  • by rote By memory, perhaps without true understanding of the topic. Ask Becky to recite the poem—she knows it by rote. Research shows that simply learning things by rote doesn't always translate into the best grasp of the material.See also: by, rote by rote [of learning or memorizing] done as habit and without thinking. I simply memorized the speech by rote. I don't know what it means. The student learns everything by rote and doesn't really understand the concepts.See also: by, rote by rote If you do something by rote, you do it without thinking about it or understanding it properly, often because you have learned about it by repeating it many times. It is easy to forget how much learning was done by rote in the past. He uses the same old lectures, delivered by rote.See also: by, rote
  • See also: by heart rote know (something) by heart know by heart dictionary encyclopedia a walking dictionary a walking dictionary, encyclopedia, etc. learn (something) by heart learn by heart learn by rote|learn|rote v. phr. To blindly memorize what was taught without thinking about it. If you learn a subject by rote, it will be difficult to say anything original about it. learn sth by rote Idiom(s): learn sth by rote
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Theme: LEARNING to learn something without giving any thought to what is being learned. • I learned history by rote; then I couldn't pass the test that required me to think. • If you learn things by rote, you'll never understand them.
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