(to) keep track of là gì? Track là gì?

Or you want a quick look: (to) keep track of là gì?

(to) keep track of là gì?

theo dõi những thông tin mới nhất

(to) keep track of là gì?

The game also includes a high score table to keep track of player records.

Trò chơi này có cả một bảng thống kê những điểm số cao nhất để theo dõi những thông tin mới nhất về những kỷ lục của người chơi

Track là gì?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixzFCiVFUjg track /træk/
  • danh từ
    • dấu, vết
      • motor-car track: vết xe ô tô
    • ((thường) số nhiều) dấu chân, vết chân
    • đường, đường đi, đường hẻm
      • a track through a forest: đường hẻm xuyên rừng
      • track of a ship: đường rẽ nước của con tàu
      • track of a comet: đường vụt qua của sao chổi
    • đường ray
    • bánh xích (xe tăng...)
    • to be on the track of
      • theo hút, theo vết chân, đi tìm
    • to be on the right track
      • đi đúng đường
    • to be off the track
      • trật bánh (xe lửa)
    • lạc đường, lạc lối
    • mất hút, mất dấu vết
    • lạc đề
    • to cover up one's tracks
      • che dấu vết tích; che giấu những việc đã làm
    • to follow the tracks of
      • theo dấu chân
    • to follow in someone's tracks
      • theo bước chân ai; theo ai, noi theo ai
    • to follow the beaten track
      • theo vết đường mòn ((nghĩa đen) & (nghĩa bóng))
    • to keep track of
      • theo dõi
    • to kill somebody on his tracks
      • giết ai ngay tại chỗ
    • to lose track of
      • mất hút, mất dấu vết
    • to make tracks
      • (từ lóng) chuồn, tẩu thoát, bỏ chạy, bỏ trốn
    • to make tracks for
      • đuổi theo (ai)
    • đi thẳng về phía
    • to put somebody on the right track
      • đưa ai vào con đường đúng, đưa ai đi đúng đường đúng lối
  • ngoại động từ
    • theo vết, theo dõi, đi tìm, lùng bắt, truy nã
      • to track a lion to its lair: theo dõi vết chân của con sư tử đến tận hang của nó
    • để lại dấu vết
      • to track dirt on the floor: để lại vết bẩn trên sàn
    • (hàng hải) kéo (thuyền, tàu... theo đường kéo)
    • to track down
      • theo dõi và bắt được, theo vết mà bắt được
    • to track out
      • theo dấu vết mà tìm ra, phát hiện ra qua dấu vết
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Từ điển Collocation

track noun

1 marks left behind by a car/a person/an animal ADJ. 
  • deep | fresh | animal, boot, car, tyre The beach is criss-crossed with animal tracks.
  • leave, make Rabbits had left tracks in the snow.
  • cover (often figurative) He had been careless, and had done little to cover his tracks.
  • follow
  • on the ~ of (often figurative) She felt the excitement of a journalist on the track of a good story.
  • freeze/halt/stop in your tracks (figurative)
  • halt/stop sb/sth in their/its tracks (figurative) The disease was stopped in its tracks by immunization programmes.
  • make tracks (figurative) It's getting late?I'd better make tracks (= leave).
2 path/rough road ADJ. 
  • narrow | wide | steep | bumpy, dusty, grassy, muddy, rough, rutted, sandy, slippery, stony | ancient, medieval | cinder, dirt, mud, unpaved | cart, cycle, sheep, ski | single a single track road with passing places
  •  farm, forest/forestry, hillside, mountain, woodland | perimeter A few planes were parked on the perimeter track of the airfield.
  • follow
  • lead The track leads across a meadow.
  • fork When the track forks, take the left fork.
  • along/down/up a/the ~ Continue along the farm track for another hundred metres.
  • off the beaten track (figurative) (= not in a place that most people go to)
  • on the right/wrong track (figurative) The new manager successfully got the team back onto the right track.
  • on the wrong track (figurative) The police were on the wrong track when they treated the case as a revenge killing.
3 special path, often in a circle, for racing ADJ. 
  • race (also racetrack), running | indoor, outdoor | all-weather | training, warm-up | fast | dog
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  • track and field The competition features many top track and field athletes.
4 metal rails on which a train runs ADJ.  rail, railway, tram | double, single | elevated | eastbound, westbound, etc. | narrow gauge, standard gauge VERB + TRACK 
  • lay | lift Many branch lines were closed, and the tracks lifted.
  • layout
5 direction/course that sb/sth takes ADJ. 
  • fast, inside an inside track to the ear of government
  • parallel, twin a twin track approach to crime
  • career She decided to change her career track.
  • switch He switched tracks and went back to college.
  • along a/the ~ Film comedy developed along a similar track to film drama.
  • on (a/the) ~ A UN spokesman insisted that the implementation of the peace plan is back on track. The ship was on a southerly track.
  • ~ for She seems to be on the fast track for promotion.
  • ~ to The country is on the fast track to democracy.
  • keep track of sth (= to know what is happening, where sth is, etc.) Keep track of all your payments by writing them down in a book.
  • lose track of sth (= to not know what is happening, where sth is, etc.) I was so absorbed in my work that I lost track of time.
6 one song/piece of music on a cassette/CD ADJ. 
  • album | live | title | unreleased | dance, disco | backing | drum, guitar, rhythm, solo, vocal (see also soundtrack)
  • cut, lay down, record She had already cut a couple of tracks as lead singer with her own group.
  • play | listen to
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