(to) close the door on sth là gì? Door là gì?

(to) close the door on sth

kết thúc, ngừng, ngăn cản

(to) close the door on sth

The Spanish government appeared to close the door on any offer of negotiation but notably did not proceed with activating Article 155.

Chính phủ Tây Ban Nha dường như đã ngừng việc tiếp nhận bất kỳ một đề nghị đàm phán nào nhưng đáng chú ý là đã không kích hoạt Điều 155.

Door là gì?

door /dɔ:/

danh từ

  • cửa, cửa ra vào (nhà, xe ô tô…)
    • front door: cửa trước
    • side door: cửa bên
  • cửa ngõ, con đường
    • a door to success: con đường thành công
    • to opera a door to peace: mở con đường đi đến hoà bình
  • a few doors off
    • cách vài nhà, cách vài buồng
  • at death’s door
    • bên ngưỡng cửa của thần chết, hấp hối, gần chết
  • to close the door upon
    • làm cho không có khả năng thực hiện được
  • to lay at someone’s door
    • đổ (lỗi…) cho ai, quy (tội…) cho ai
  • to lie at the door of
    • chịu trách nhiệm, đổ lên đầu (ai…)
  • the fault lies at your door: anh phải chịu trách nhiệm về lỗi đó, lỗi đổ lên đầu anh
  • to live next door
    • ở ngay sát vách, ở nhà bên cạnh, ở buồng bên cạnh
  • to open the door to
    • (xem) open
  • out of doors
    • ở ngoài, không ở nhà; ở ngoài trời
  • to be out of doors: đi ra ngoài, đi chơi vắng không ở nhà
  • to play out of doors: chơi ở ngoài trời
    • to show somebody the door
      • to show the door to somebody
        • đuổi ai ra khỏi cửa
      • to show somebody to the door
        • tiễn ai ra tận cửa
      • to shut the door in somebody’s face
        • đóng sập cửa lại trước mặt ai, không thèm tiếp ai
      • to turn somebody out of doors
        • đuổi ai ra khỏi cửa
      • with closed doors
        • họp kín, xử kín
      • within doors
        • trong nhà; ở nhà
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Từ điển Collocation

door noun


  • open | closed, shut | locked, unlocked | ajar, half-open He had left the door ajar. The door was half-open when we got there. |
  • back, front, rear, side the back door of a house the rear door of a car |
  • inner, internal The inner door leads to the safe and is always locked after 5 p.m. |
  • external, outer All external doors should be bolted top and bottom. |
  • big, great, heavy, huge, massive, solid, stout, thick She had trouble pushing the heavy door open. |
  • narrow, wide | glass-panelled, glazed | double Go along the corridor and through the double doors. |
  • unmarked | automatic, folding, revolving, sliding, swing He got stuck in a revolving door. She pushed her way through the swing doors. bathroom, flat, kitchen, etc. |
  • car, fridge, garage, lift, stage | trap (also trapdoor| magic, mysterious, secret


  • fling/throw open, open, pull/push open He flung the door open and caught them stuffing a document back into a briefcase. |
  • bang, close, pull closed/shut, pull/push to, push closed/shut, shut, slam (shut) He pulled the door to. |
  • bar, bolt, lock He arrived home to find the door barred. Remember to bolt the door before you go to bed. |
  • unbar, unbolt, unlock | keep/leave closed/open/shut, keep/leave on the latch (= closed but not locked),
  • prop ajar/open I left the door on the latch so that I could sneak back in later. Someone had propped the fire door open with a pile of books. |
  • come/go in (through), come/go out (of/through), come/go through, slip out of/through He came in the side door. |
  • bang on, knock at/on I banged on the door for ages but still couldn’t wake them. |
  • answer Go and answer the door (= open the door to sb who has knocked on it)|
  • see sb to (= accompany sb who is leaving to the door) |
  • break down/in They had to break the door down to get into the flat.
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  • creak | burst open, clatter open, creak open, fly open, open, slide open, swing open/shut/to The door burst open and a little boy ran in. |
  • flap open, hang open The car drove off with its rear door flapping open. |
  • be/stand ajar, be/stand open The door stood ajar so I could see a narrow section of the room. |
  • be closed/shut, be jammed (open/shut), be stuck | bang (open/shut), clang open/shut, crash open/shut, rattle, shake I was woken by a door banging in the wind. |
  • click (shut/to), close, shut, slam (shut) | connect sth, face sth, lead to sth, open onto sth The door connecting the two offices is kept locked. This door leads to my bedroom. The door opens onto a sunny terrace. |
  • be set in/into the wall I stopped at a low oak door set into the stone wall. |
  • bear a notice/plate/sign, be marked sth I went through the door marked ‘Enquiries’.


  • handle, knob | frame, jamb | knocker | bolt, catch, chain, latch, lock | key |
  • mat (also doormat|
  • stop (also doorstop) This big fat dictionary would make a good doorstop. |
  • mirror, panel, pillar (on a car)


  • at the ~ There’s someone at the door. |
  • in the ~ He stood in the door for several minutes before deciding whether he’d stay. |
  • through the ~ He looked through the door to make sure the children were all right. |
  • ~ into/to the door into the back garden


  • close/shut, etc. the door behind you He banged the front door behind him as he left. |
  • hold/open the door for sb, pop/stick you head round/through the door She popped her head through the door to say goodbye. |
  • shut/slam the door in sb’s face
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