The height of fashion là gì? Height là gì?

The height of fashion

rất hợp thời trang

  • (be) simply attired: ăn mặc giản dị

Her attire was in the height of fashion.

Trang phục của cô rất hợp thời trang.

Height là gì?

height /hait/

  • danh từ
    • chiều cao, bề cao; độ cao
      • to be 1.70m in height: cao 1 mét 70
      • height above sea level: độ cao trên mặt biển
    • điểm cao, đỉnh
    • (từ lóng) tột độ, đỉnh cao nhất
      • to be at its height: lên đến đỉnh cao nhất

Từ điển Collocation

height noun

1 how tall sb/sth is


  • full, maximum He drew himself up to his full height and glared at us.
  • considerable, great, towering Her great height was rather a handicap.
  • average, medium, middle a man of middle height


  • measure | grow to, reach The plants grow to a maximum height of 24 inches.


  • in ~ The wall is 2.5 metres in height.

2 distance above the ground/sea level


  • considerable, great The object had clearly fallen from a considerable height.
  • ceiling, chest, head, shoulder, waist, etc. Bring your hands to shoulder height.


  • gain | lose The plane was beginning to lose height.
  • maintain The pilot was unable to maintain height.
  •  attain, climb to, reach, rise to The balloon reached a height of 20,000 feet.


at a ~ of The animal lives in lakes near Mexico City, at a height of 6,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level.

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3 (usually heights) high place


  • mountain, rocky The condor soars above the mountain heights.


  • scale They were the first expedition to scale the heights of Everest.
  • be afraid of, have no head for | have a head for A steeplejack has to have a good head for heights.


  • from a ~ The pattern of the ancient fields is clearly visible from a height.


  • a fear of heights 4 heights high level of achievement


  • commanding, dizzy, giddy, lofty They have risen to the dizzy heights of the semi-finals.
  • new The group’s popularity reached new heights when they got a top ten hit.


  • reach, rise to, scale She rose to undreamed-of heights of power and fame.

Từ điển WordNet


  • the vertical dimension of extension; distance from the base of something to the top; tallness
  • the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development; acme, elevation, peak, pinnacle, summit, superlative, meridian, tiptop, top

    his landscapes were deemed the acme of beauty

    the artist’s gifts are at their acme

    at the height of her career

    the peak of perfection

    summer was at its peak

    …catapulted Einstein to the pinnacle of fame

    the summit of his ambition

    so many highest superlatives achieved by man

    at the top of his profession

  • (of a standing person) the distance from head to foot; stature
  • elevation especially above sea level or above the earth’s surface; altitude

    the altitude gave her a headache

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