Negative reaction là gì? Reaction là gì?

Negative reaction

sự phản ứng tiêu cực

Negative reaction

The new approach was met with negative reaction from fans of the first three games.

Cách thức tiếp cận mới đã gây ra phản ứng tiêu cực từ người hâm hộ trong ba trận đấu đầu tiên

Reaction là gì?

reaction /ri:’ækʃn/

  • danh từ
    • sự phản tác dụng, sự phản ứng lại
      • action and reaction: tác dụng và phản tác dụng
    • (vật lý); (hoá học) phản ứng
      • catalytic reaction: phản ứng xúc tác
    • (chính trị) sự phản động
    • (quân sự) sự phản công, sự đánh trả lại

Từ điển Collocation

reaction noun


  • extreme, sharp, strong, violent | favourable, positive | adverse, hostile, negative | mixed The speech got a mixed reaction. |
  • angry | first, immediate, initial | delayed Her outburst was a delayed reaction to an unpleasant letter she’d received that morning. |
  • chain The change of plan set off a chain reaction of confusion. |
  • mixed | common, general, public | natural, normal | automatic, gut, instinctive, knee-jerk, spontaneous The incident calls for a measured response, avoiding knee-jerk reactions. |
  • nervous | emotional | critical The critical reaction to his first novel has been positive.


  • get, have, meet with The play met with a mixed reaction from the critics. |
  • bring, cause, produce, provoke, set off, spark (off), trigger (off) She was surprised at the reaction brought by the mention of his
  •  delayed a delayed reaction to the drugs | allergic
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  • have, suffer She had a very bad allergic reaction to the peanuts. |
  • cause, produce


  • ~ to A small minority of patients suffer an adverse reaction to the treatment. name. |
  • gauge, judge (by/from) He eyed her cautiously, trying to gauge her reaction. Judging by her reaction, she liked the present.


  • in ~ to There’s been a drop in ticket sales in reaction to the review. |
  • ~ against Her rebellious attitude is just a reaction against her strict upbringing. |
  • ~ to the public reaction to the news

ADJ. fast, good, lightning, quick | slow, sluggish


  • have She has very quick reactions. |
  • speed up | slow down Alcohol has the effect of slowing down your reactions.

REACTION + NOUN time Your reaction time increases when you are tired.

ADJ. chain | chemical, nuclear

VERB + REACTION  cause, produce, start, trigger | stop | speed up | slow down

REACTION + VERB  occur, take place


  • during/in a/the ~ the energy given out during the reaction
  • ~ between studying the reactions between certain gases
  • ~ with the fuel’s chemical reaction with the surrounding water

ADJ. adverse, bad | mild, slight |

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