(Be) tight-fisted là gì?Tight-fisted là gì?

(Be) tight-fisted

hà tiện, bủn xỉn

(Be) tight-fisted

One reason he has so much money is that he’s so tight-fisted!

Một lý do khiến ông ta có nhiều tiền đến vậy là bởi vì ổng rất hà tiện!

Tight-fisted là gì?

“Tight-fisted” = tay nắm chặt -> nghĩa là không muốn bỏ tiền, keo kiệt.

Ví dụ

And while critics have pointed out that US aid (hỗ trợ) to India is still too stingy (keo kiệt), compare that to Washington’s tight-fisted approach to Brazil: despite repeated appeals (yêu cầu khẩn khoản) for help from Brazilian officials, Washington has doled out just $19.7 million in pandemic-related aid over the past year, including less than $2 million for hard-hit Amazonian communities as they were literally fighting for breath.

Catalans have a reputation (danh tiếng) throughout Spain for being tight-fisted and miserly, particularly when it comes to money. Is there any truth to this stereotype and how did it come about?

Despite the pandemic, priority sector benefit and a more than normal returns, banks were tight-fisted in lending to microfinance (tài chính vi mô) sector in the last financial year, according to P. Satish, the executive director of Sa-Dhan, an industry body comprising 225 microfinance institutions across India.

We can’t thank North Platte enough for the outpouring (dạt dào tình cảm). It just seemed like in the middle of a pandemic people would be keeping real tight-fisted on their money. We actually saw an increase in donations.

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