full of, be purple/red/white with, be rigid/stiff with, be shaking/trembling with, feel, seethe with He glared at me, quite beside himself with rage. ‘How dare you!’ she said, her voice choked with rage. | vent The people vented their rage on government buildings. | control, master He managed to master his rage.

  • RAGE + VERB build up She felt the rage building up inside her. | erupt His rage suddenly erupted. | subside His rage was beginning to subside.
  • PREP. with ~ She was speechless with rage. | ~ at boiling with rage at the unfairness of it all
  • PHRASES a bellow/cry/roar/shout of rage He gave a roar of rage and punched me in the face. | tears of rage
  • ADJ. blind, terrible, towering | jealous | drunken She smashed up his car in a drunken rage.
  • VERB + RAGE be in, fly into, get in If something”s too difficult she gets in a rage.
  • PREP. in a ~ She killed him in a rage of despair. | ~ about He was in a towering rage about his lost watch. | ~ at He flew into a rage at the insult. | ~ of He left in a rage of humiliation.
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Từ điển WordNet


a state of extreme angershe fell into a rage and refused to answer

violent state of the elementsthe sea hurled itself in thundering rage against the rocks


be violent; as of fires and stormsfeel intense anger

Rage against the dying of the light!